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    How To Apply

  Thank you for your interest in a career at Brace Management Group, Inc.


How to complete the forms:

  • Contact Information and Resume Attachment Form
    • Upload and attach your resume
    • Complete the contact information section
    • Click 'Proceed to Application for Employment Form'

  • Application for Employment Form (AFE)
    • Completion of this form is required to apply for a position with Brace Management Group, Inc. 
    • Complete the Application for Employment Form
    • After completion, click [Create AFE Form] button
    • Verify the accuracy of the AFE and print a copy for your record
    • Close the AFE form
    • Click 'Proceed to Self-Identification Form'

  • Self-Identification Form (SI)
    "This survey will not be part of your official application for employment, and will not be used in any hiring decision.  Providing the information is strictly voluntary, however, in our effort to comply with current government record keeping and reporting, your cooperation is appreciated. Failure to provide the information will not subject you to an adverse hiring decision or action.  The information will be used and kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws and regulations." 
    • Complete the information on the Self-Identification Form
    • After completion, Click [Create SI Form]  button
    • Verify the accuracy of the SI, then close the SI Form
  • Once all forms have been completed, click the [Submit all Forms] button 
    to transmit the Contact Information and Resume Attachment Form, the Application for Employment Form and the Self-Identification Form to Brace Management Group, Inc. Human Resources Department
  • Click the Next button to complete the forms. 

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