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MAJOR CLIENTS                        


Since   October   1997,   Brace   has   earned   overall “exceptional & very good” ratings under the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS).

U.S. Department of Defense:

  • Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
  • Naval Air Systems Command
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Naval Sea Systems Command(subcontract)
  • Navy-Office of Financial Operations(subcontract)
  • Naval Supply Systems Command(subcontract)
  • U.S. Civilian Agencies:

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Health & Human Services
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of State
  • Commission On Civil Rights
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Department of Commerce, NIST (subcontract)

    OTHER - Key Teaming Relationships & Commercial Clients:

    Please contact us for details by Service Area.

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