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Incorporated in 1993, Brace Management Group, Inc. (Brace) is a management consulting firm specializing in two complementary areas—Acquisition & Financial Management. Brace graduated from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program February 8, 2005 and remains SDB Certified. 

Mobilized on both U.S. Coasts, we provide professional services to the Federal Government, exclusive Teaming Partners, emerging companies and other organizations. Through Information Technology, we leverage our capabilities to achieve noteworthy metrics under “performance based” Federal contracts.  To wit, we:


  • Closed over 111,300 contracts & procurement instruments since 1997 to yield over $354 million in UnLiquidated Obligations(ULOs).
  • Created / maintain the Brace Contracts Closeout Database (CCD ©), a web-based integrated relational database system to facilitate contracts closeout, SOW scheduled reporting & inventory tracking.
  • Provide Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level-III, “cradle-to-grave” acquisition services for pre-solicitation, procurement, negotiation, post-award administration & process improvement (equivalent to GS-1102 Senior staff).
  • Facilitate customized visibility, ad-hoc queries & reports of acquisition data/statistics' on client systems, through integrated ports within Brace's web-based Tools.

Financial Management
  • Created Query Management Facilities (QMFs)to facilitate data extraction from the U.S.Navy-STARS & DoD-MOCAS for financial & contract reconciliations and closeout,
  • Created/maintain the NAVCOMPT-2193-RECON TOOLÓ, a web-based database to facilitate “reimbursables” reconciliations between U.S. Navy Authorized Accounting Activities (AAA) & DoD accounting systems to enable accurate, reliable fiduciary reporting,
  • Created/maintain the OUD ManagerÓ, a web-based database to address critical “Official Undistributed Disbursements” reconciliations between U.S. Navy & DoD accounting systems to facilitate reporting and fulfill U.S. Navy Financial Improvement Plan (FIP) objectives,
  • Resolve U.S. Navy UnMatched Disbursements (UMDs)& Negative-UnLiquidated Obligations (NULOs), provide pre-validation &obligation analyses, perform “official & unofficial” reconciliations and resolve conversion anomalies between the U.S. Navy STARS & new ERP systems,
  • Provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for the U.S Navy-FIP and over financial, accounting & systemic business processes to enable daily execution, problem resolution, system conversions, U.S. Navy hierarchical reporting assistance and staff training.
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